Pink, red, and bows

I can’t believe it is already tights weather! It is going to be back up in the 80s again next week though and I’m a little disappointed. I’m a spring and summer girl by nature, but while I was outside taking these pictures, the cool weather felt nice and it was even nicer to come back inside and get all nice and snuggly.

There was a specific time in middle school in which a girl told me pink and red clashed and I shouldn’t wear them together. I thought it was weird and yet I followed that rule for a long time. Not anymore as you can see with my hot pink blouse and red belt.

If you would have told me a year ago I’d be wearing this outfit I would have told you that you wear crazy.

I’ve always been girly but not THIS girly. I would have never worn a bow on my shirt and bows on my shoes at the same time. Especially not with a flowy pleated skirt. While you’ll still see me wearing plaid and boots  and non girly items, feminine outfits have definitely taken a forefront. At least for now.

top: old navy/ belt: thrifted/ skirt:old navy/ tights: walmart/ shoes: payless (similar pair)/ cardigan: old navy

(when it comes to linking items, if it is still available I will put in the direct link to the product. If it isn’t I will try to find an item that is similar)


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  1. I can’t even look at you and not have the word ADORABLE streak repeatedly through my brain. I’m definitely following your blog now ❤

  2. This whole outfit is WIN. The color combinations (LOVE the pink with the pop of red), the bow details, and the skirt are killer! Also, I’ve never been one to wear cream/white cardigans, but you make me want one! It looks so fresh with the deep pink.

  3. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! i’ve got to say, that’s an awesome outfit and i love the colour combinations 🙂 you are extremely cute and you sort of remind me of emma stone which is a definite compliment in my books! following your blog now and i can’t wait to see more!

    x. Jenn
    – – –

  4. not sure if the comment i left on here came through so i’ll type it again, but i’m glad you visited my blog! i love your colour combination here and you remind me of emma stone which is a definite compliment in my books! i followed and i can’t wait to see more :))
    x. Jenn

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