Polka dots and Pastel

When I was outside taking these pictures the weather was PERFECT. The sun was shinning, it was warm but not too warm, and there was a cool breeze blowing in. Not 10 minutes after I got back inside it started pouring. This WAS what I was going to wear to church, but I opted for boots so I wouldn’t risk falling in these heels.

These shoes, by the way, were an amazing birthday gift from my husband. You see, I have teeny, tiny feet and I can fudge wearing size 5 (which is STILL hard to find) in boots and some flats, but not with heels. So he ordered these size 4.5 beauties for me and I will be forever grateful. This watch was also a gift from my mom for my birthday and I wear it most every day now.

I have gone a little polka dot crazy lately. This is probably not the last you’ll see of me in polka dots this season. Do you girls love polka dots as much as me? Do you have a favorite trend right now?

top: forever21/ skirt: gap (thrifted)/ cardigan: old navy/ shoes: michael kors via nordstrom.com/ watch: walmart


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  1. I love your outfit!!! You always wear the cutest outfits!!!

  2. You are so super cute! I can’t believe your feet are that tiny 🙂 Polka dots are definitely adorable… I have a favorite trend right now called ”whatever I can find that fits my ever expanding belly and isn’t uncomfortable and also doesn’t make me look like an old lady” 🙂 It’s tricky…

  3. Love, love polka dots! (And your blog idea!)

  4. I think every girl has a soft spot for polka dots… I certainly have more than just one soft spot for them…

  5. I really love polka dots. They are so fun and cute. I never would have thought about pairing a dark polka dot top with a white-ish (?) skirt. I think I would have done the opposite (because I’m not as bold as you). That cardigan is lovely and I like the way you worked that watch in. Beautiful outfit. 🙂

  6. that mint cardigan looks great! i’ve been on the hunt for one but i don’t think i can pull em off, haha.

  7. Your hair is looking fabulous, and I adore your shoes! Although I have to say that I’m a tad jealous of your tiny feet, lol. I wear a size 8. I also like the polka dots and think that polka dots in general are super cute. I just got some polka dot undies today. I have been into maxi dresses and skirts lately, with neutral color palettes (nude polish too and barely there eyeshadows). Oh and large cocktail rings. Do you keep a wishlist of fashion items that you’re on the hunt for?

    • Please don’t be jealous of my feet. It is so hard to find shoes. I’m jealous that you’re tall enough to wear maxi dresses. I love the trend but I look like a little girl in her mommy’s clothes in them. haha. Yes, I do keep a list. Do you?

      • I suppose that would be frustrating to have to hunt for the shoes you want, but still I bet your feet are really cute 🙂 I would be very interested to see your wishlist, or even pictures of items you are wanting. My wishlist is mostly in my head, but I need some inspiration and some willpower to get it on paper so that I can actually make it happen (especially for those times when I’m at a thrift or discount store and I’m thinking to myself “so what was it that I need?”)

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