Simply Standing Out

I took these pictures yesterday, but then I decided against posting them because I wasn’t sure this outfit was all that inspiring. But then I realized that for other girls on the go, it might be.

I wore this outfit to take my dog to her first day of puppy training. (I haven’t posted any pictures of her yet, but I swear I will) I knew I’d need to wear pants since I’d have to be bending over a lot and all that. I also knew that any accessories like bracelets (although I did wear my watch) or dangley earrings or long necklaces would get in the way. In these pictures I did have a shorter necklace on and I found even that got in the way.

But I wanted to stand out in some form or fashion. So I went with a bold red lip and red nails.

I like the way it brings out the bit of red flowers in my top. My nails and lips actually sort of match here, but I also think it’d be pretty to do two different shades that compliment each other.

I have to say, when these boots fall apart it is going to be a very sad day. I practically lived in them last fall and winter and plan on wearing them a lot this year too.

shirt: old navy (similar top)/ jeans: thrifted/ shoes: target (similar pair)/ lipstick: covergirl/ nails: essie


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  1. I like this look, to me it says “effortlessly cute” 🙂 MUST HAVE those boots! I am a super fan of short boots. And I have like 5 different red lipsticks, but I really like the one you’re wearing (what shade is it?)

  2. I LOOVEE the red lipstick and your booties! ❤


  3. Your eyes are beautiful. I really like those boots and your top. I don’t look very good with red lipstick, but you rock it. 🙂

  4. the outfit is really cool!!!!! perfect for a puppy training day!!!!
    i’m your newest follower:D

    follow me back here

    Don’t bother to pass by anytime..:)

  5. You look adorable as usual. I love the red nails and lips!

  6. That AMAZING red lipstick was worth the post! I’m inspired! 🙂
    -Vanessa (the gal)

  7. I have a hard time convincing myself to get done up, because we live in a smaller city (where most people live in khaki and t-shirts). But I have recently resolved to wear what I want to anyways!. 😉

    I love the bright red lips and the boots are fabulous! (I have a thing for boots myself.)

  8. You are absolutely stunning! and I am not just saying that. My skin and hair are too pale to wear a red lip and you look great with them painted red. Have a wonderful day!

    XO Hilary

    • Thank you so much for the compliment. I guess you can’t tell from the pictures, but I have very pale skin. I never thought I could wear red lips til I saw other girls of my similar skin tone wearing it. I think it is all about finding the right shade. It may take some experimenting, but you could rock it I’m sure!

  9. Love this outfit, it’s very casual chic. And omg orange will compliment you very well… You have beautiful skin!!


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