Inspired By: Taylor Swift

I didn’t get on the Taylor Swift bandwagon until just last year, but she finally won me over. Her music is catchy, she has had some stunning runway looks, and I hear she puts on a great show. But I have to admit to being most inspired by her day to day style.

Some things I love about her style:

*She keeps it classy. So many celebrities tend to take their style to the extreme and end up looking a bit scandalous. I’ve yet to see Taylor do this and I admire that about her.

*She mixes it up. As you can see above, she gravitates towards the feminine aesthetic, but she sometimes dresses edgy, country chic, or even with a bit of a hippie style.

*She incorporates vintage. Whether it be a dress, a locket necklace, or different looking shoes, she tends to include a retro look in her outfits.

What do you you think about Taylor’s style? Is there a celebrity who inspires your style?


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  1. I really didn’t like her in the beginning, but she’s so cute and her style is very classy 🙂 x

  2. She does always look great. I LOVE that last outfit, all black with the red hat. May have to try and pull off something like that. 😉

  3. She’s such a doll. I love how she looks great without being overly sexy!


  4. I love T.Swift! She’s so adorable and so herself.

  5. Yea I really like her style after seeing your post!! Its very eclectic…but not extreme….definitely agree…I like how she mixes it up…can be edgy one look and completely feminine and romantic the next. Great feature on t.swift!!


  6. Ohhh I think she’s just darling! I always love her style – she seems down-to-earth yet hip and trendy. She just seems like a sweet girl and she always looks classy and put-together!

  7. Taylor Swift is awesome. I love her music and the way she mixes vintage into her style.

  8. I love her accessories, shoes, and use of color. (I actually have those shoes shes wearing in the 5th photo, but mine are a light pink/nude color. I prefer hers bc teal shoes are so cool). I would also like to steal her ensemble from the 8th pic (especially the jacket! the neckline is fabulous). Taylor Swift also always keeps things classy on the red carpet, which I really like, and most of her dresses there have some fantastic sparkle to them. I know some celebrity fashion bloggers like to make fun of her for “playing it safe,” and repeating similar looks on the red carpet, but I think its cool that she has found a look that she likes and is committing to it…which to me is self expression, and who cares what those other people say!

  9. i love her!! so classy and always stylish!
    nice blog 😀

  10. Have a passion for every thing with regards to Taylor Swift! Thanks dressupsandmessups for telling!

  11. Absolutely love every little thing with regards to Taylor Swift! Many thanks dressupsandmessups for posting!


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