Thrifted Finds: What I’ve Been Searching For

Often times when I go thrifting I tend to just browse every section until I find things that I like. This time, I went with more of a purpose and ended up finding things that I have been wanting for a while. Here they are.

I have been seeing cocktail rings everywhere and have been searching for just the right one. Even though this one is a bit too big I knew I had to have it because it is the color of my birthstone, sapphire. Any tips on getting rings that are too big to fit?

This is the first jean jacket I have owned in my adult life. I used to associate them with frumpiness, but after seeing the way so many bloggers out there are wearing them I decided I wanted one. And I finally found one the color, style, and size that I needed. Score!

I had been wanting a snakeskin bag for a while, but all the ones I was finding were either too small or were too loud to be toted around everyday.  This one fit the bill perfectly. (It looks purple here, but it is really more of a gray)

I have wanted a white dress for a looooong time, but was so hesitant about buying one since I’m a terribly messy person. But I decided to go for it and if it gets stained then it does. I thought the detailing on this one was so pretty and you can definitely expect to see it in an outfit post soon as I have already thought of several ways I want to wear it.

This was the only item I bought yesterday that was more of an impulse buy. I thought I’d share it anyways since it is cute and sparkly and I’m pretty sure is going to be part of my sparkly unicorn costume for Halloween 🙂

My total: $30. Nice, right? 🙂

What have you thrifted lately? What are some things you are searching for?


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  1. great little collection of finds!

  2. Awesome scores! I love the dress especially, and the bag. Okay so this is going to probably sound a little weird, but yesterday as I was getting all of the garage sale stuff ready at my mom’s I found these cute black booties in a size 5 and I thought of you. They are pretty cute and don’t look like they’ve been worn much at all.

    I snagged them in case you’re interested 🙂

  3. i’m obsessing about cocktail rings at the moment. in fact, i’m going to have a post up next week about affordable ones !

  4. everyone needs an amazing jean jacket! thrifted ones are the best because they are worn in!!! love everything you found!

    xo Jackie

  5. Love the ring. Such a pretty colored stone.


  6. wow, amazing finds! i really love your ring! hope that you’re well, darling!

    x jamie


  7. I love coctail rings as well! The bigger the better:) This one is very pretty! And the white dress is so delicate and feminine!

    Stories and Sequins

  8. cool stuff! i went today and got a romper, 4 mugs, a belt, and a painting for just over $20…the price the romper alone would have cost retail. yay for thrifting!


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