Inspired by: Big Bang Theory Part 2

Last week you saw my interpretations of the outfits worn by the male leads in the series The Big Bang Theory. This week I thought I’d make it all complete by making outfits inspired by the leading girls.


Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy’s outfits almost always consist of a button down, skirt and cardigan. I love the way she mixes prints without having a color in common between the two prints. Somehow it works. I also like all the layers on top and the streamlined silhouette on bottom. Amy tends to keep things simple so I didn’t include any accessories in this set.



Since Penny’s style varies from episode to episode, I chose the one thing that has stayed the same from the beginning of the series–her work uniform. Instead of a vest I chose a mustard colored cardigan. Since Penny isn’t wearing any accessories here I decided to include some pretty red polish as she does have painted nails.


Bernadette Rostenkowski

Bernadette’s look is my favorite by far. She tends to wears flowy dresses with matching cardigans (which is basically my go-to outfit). I also chose some black wedges and a sweet necklace to match her sweet personality.

Which look is your favorite?


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6 responses »

  1. Love the outfit you picked for Penny! x

  2. i absolutley love the last look! 😀

  3. Love these outfits!! Great choices!


  4. So cute!!! I love them all!!! Love that show too!! 🙂

  5. fashionsastranger

    I love this post! What a great way to recreate the outfits!! I think I like Penny the best!
    Amy xxx

  6. i like penny’s look the best because of the retro feeling of the nail polish + the mustard cardigan. big ban theory fan here 😀



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