Flannel Fiend

Last year my favorite flannel was worn so much that it literally ripped at the seams. I have been searching for just the right one and when I found this one at a thrift store with the price tag still on it I knew it had to be mind. I pretty much haven’t taken it off ever since.

I love the detailing on the hemline of this dress. And I’m still not tired of wearing these boots all the time even though you’re probably tired of seeing them.

Hats are my favorite because they cover up messy hair and keep you warm at the same time. Also, I died my hair with an “intense” dye color and now I love the red.

This dress is really a size too big so it is perfect to tie a shirt over it to add a little shape to the ensemble.

dress: thrifted/shirt: ae-thrifted/hat: target/boots: target


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  1. These pictures are so SO CUTE. I love everything about them and your outfit. That skirt/boot combo is killer.

  2. I absolutely love your boots! They have a very clunky feel which can make a feminine outfit really amazing! Love it!


  3. Blue is definitly your color! xo!

    -vanessa (the gal)


  4. I love the mix of prints between the flannel and beanie!


  5. Cuuute! Love the hat and dress. I have a black and red flannel shirt that is so soft and comfy, so I can relate to the love you have for yours. Also, the boots are cool. I tend to find 1-2 pairs of boots and love the heck out of them until they fall apart.

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