The Ugly One

When I first brought this dress home from a thifting trip, my husband looked at it a bit disdainfully. And I have to admit that it is not a pattern or color scheme that I would usually go for. But I wanted to go for something different that my typical floral patterned dress. I have now dubbed it the ugly dress. Although once I was wearing it he said it looked much better on.

I think I did an okay job pairing it though it was a bit difficult. It is definitely a comfortable dress and I love the way it matches these tights. So I will probably keep it around for a while. Do you have any “ugly” items in your wardrobe?

dress: f21-thrifted/tights: f21 (similar)/boots: pac-sun/scarf: gift/cardigan: oldnavy/belt: thrifted


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  1. This is such a cute eclectic look, I love it!

  2. rachie, you would love the thrift stores around cape town then. they are full of ugly dresses 🙂

  3. I have a super cheap ugly dress too. It looks a little like a grandma’s curtains. But like your ugly dress, with the right pairings it’s not so ugly!

    Love those tights!

  4. I absolutely love the tights!! I have several ugly man sweaters in my closet that my boyfriend DESPISES…but I love them!! Cute outfit, ugly is the new pretty!


  5. I think it looks great layered up like that!

    I have a couple of dresses and tops that my kids make fun of, they say the patterns look like Mennonite or old lady clothes. BUT everyone likes them once I am actually wearing them. 😉


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