Inspired by Scooby Doo

Last week when I made my inspiration post on Phineas and Ferb, a reader suggested doing Scooby Doo next. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it myself. So here on some outfits based on the main characters from this classic cartoon.


Velma- Scooby Doo


Velma’s look may be typically be classified as a little frumpy, but now a days sweaters with skirts, knee highs, and glasses are all quite popular so I think a literal interpretation of her outfit works here. I love the orange and red together as well. Who knew this brainiac was so fashionable?


Daphne-scooby doo


This look is classically girly and sweet. The purple dress and matching shoes, with pink tights are literal interpretations of Daphne’s ensemble. I chose to replace her ascot style scarf for one a larger warmer one, and her headband with this lilac colored earwarmer.


Fred-Scooby Doo


For Fred’s look I went with a bold turquoise colored pant. Since they are so loud I kept the rest of it pretty simple with a white long sleeve tee, an orange scarf, and slip on brown suede shoes. I like the preppy vibe it gives off.


Shaggy-Scooby Doo


Shaggy’s outfit is very loose and easy to thrown on so I went with these brown cords, black ankle boots, and a baggy boyfriend cardigan. I thought the peace sign necklace matched Shaggy’s hippie attitude.


Scooby Doo


Even though Scooby doesn’t wear clothes, I made an outfit based on the colors of his coat and of course his signature turquoise collar. Out of all the outfits, I think this one might be the one I can see myself wearing the most.

Who is your favorite? What other cartoons would you like to see interpreted?


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5 responses »

  1. hehe so clever and cute!! Love all of the looks!! they really do capture the qualities and essence of each character!


  2. These are so cute!! Such good imitations, these would have been adorable for halloween!

  3. Yes!

    I agree, Scooby’s is the look I could see myself wearing too! So cute!

  4. Love this! Velmas colors are the best!! Great outfits!



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