A Girl and Her Dog

Since River is always photo bombing me anyways, I decided to include her in my photo shoot. To say it didn’t go great would be an understatement…

First she decided to be super inappropriate and sniff my behind.

Then she wanted to run at a squirrel

The front of her was out of frame

Or the back end of her was out frame

When I tried to kiss her she looked like I was torturing her

Then when she finally decided to look adorable, I was doing something weird with my face.


top: thrifted/plaid top: target/cardigan: target/scarf: walmart/boots: target

Have you had any successful photo shoots with animals?


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I am a... [wife, believer,journal-er, resident of Arkansas, dog owner, crochet-er, lover of personal style]

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  1. I never have successful photo shoots with my dog! If I get a camera anywhere near her face, she always looks the other direction. That doesn’t stop me from trying, though!

  2. I love this!! So cute! Yes I’ve attempted, a few years back… They turned out pretty cute! I’m thinking about trying again soon!!


  3. Heather Carpenter

    my puppy LOVES getting her picture taken! ive raised her to think that everytime a cameras in her face she’s getting a treat – so she stops everything shes doing, sits pretty and looks right at the camera! 🙂

    however there are some days that she just acts like a puppy and runs around in the yard, in which i just proceed to take “action shots”. those are fun too! 🙂

  4. TOO CUTE!!! purple is another fabulous color on you!

    xo, vanessa (the gal)


  5. Love this color on you! 🙂 Cute doggy

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  7. I love these pictures!!!! River cracks me up!!


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