Inspired by: Avatar The Last Airbender

My husband got me hooked on this Nick cartoon last year and I watched it through once with him and then immediately again on my own. I score lots of cool points with the little boys at my work for loving this show. Any how here are looks based on the four main characters.


The Last Airbender--Aang

I thought this flowy orange top was a great interpretation of the shirt Aang wears in the series. The yellow pants match the yellow in his ensemble and although you can’t see it in this picture, he always wears tall boots similar to the ones I chose here. I picked this pretty light blue necklace to match the color of Aang’s tattoo.


Avatar the Last Airbender--Katara

Though she is tough and brave, Katara does have a girly side. Since she wears blue and bends water I wanted to make an outfit with all different shades of blue. The necklace here is an interpretation of the one she wears in the series, and the belt plays off the white in the dress she wears, and these boots remind of something a person from the water tribe might wear.


Avatar the Last Airbender--Sokka

Since Sokka is also from the water tribe, I made another blue on blue outfit here. This one is a bit more simple and the boots and coat are warm and functional which I think Sokka himself would appreciate. I included a leather messenger bag in this set because of Sokka’s love for a nice “man purse.”


Avatar the Last Airbender--Toph

It is all about comfort for Toph, but since she came from a rich family Toph is always dressed nice. I though this dress looked like a good cross between pretty and comfortable especially when worn with this chunky tan sweater. If you watch the show you know that Toph doesn’t wear shoes, but I wanted to add combat boots to this set to accent her tough girl attitude. Top it off with her signature headband and you have the tough Toph.

Who is your favorite? What series would you like to see next?


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  1. I think my style is most like Tokka, love the jacket and flowy top!

  2. Toph’s look is my fave. That green dress is killer!

  3. Woah, I really love this post! I’m not too big a fan on the serie, but I adore the film of it! Not the cartoon film. I would most definitely say that the last one is my favourite and the most my style.


  4. This is such a cool feature! It’s a toss up between Aang and Toph for my favorites. My 6 year old loves the Monster High series. Maybe you could do something like that for an upcoming series? Heather

  5. This is a really fun post, and such a unique place to find inspiration. Great idea!

    Mix and Match Fashion

  6. What a fun post! I think the first one is my favorite, I’m a little crazy for color 🙂

  7. Wow! I love the Aang outfit… not to mention the series 🙂 Could you do maybe Zuko and the other Fire Nation characters?

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