I took the plunge and bought white jeans. I got them and the top I’m wearing here at Goodwill for $8 so I figure that if I ruin them, I didn’t lose too much money over it. I will however be carrying a Tide-To-Go pen with me while wearing them just in case.

I know I take lots of pictures back in these woods behind my house. But can you blame me? I just wish I would have moved that mesh stuff in the background. (I promise it isn’t being used to catch animals. It was left there by the owner of this house.) I wish I would have taken the ponytail holder off my wrist as well. Alas this is what I get for taking pictures in a rush.

top & jeans: thrifted/shoes: payless/scarf: gift


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  1. We love your outfit! The white pants with the cranberry colored shirt makes it pop! Thanks for sharing!

  2. i love this maroon top of yours!! white in winter definitely an amazing trend 🙂

    love kat

  3. fashionsastranger

    If I had woods by my house all of my photos would be taken there 🙂 I think you’re brave to go out in white! I’m so clumsy they would inevitably only be white for about 2 minutes! You’re wise to carry around the tide-to-go (which I only discovered on my recent trip to America! You look great. I always have a ‘pony tail holder’ on my wrist! We call it a ‘bobble’ where I’m from. hahahah.
    Amy xxx

  4. Absolutely love the photos of you amongst all the Fall leaves 🙂

  5. Oh the setting is gorgeous! I saw a post on white jeans a few day ago. It says to pair it with light accessories and bold colors and I think you’ve done just that! I’m always SO afraid of wearing white pants/white anything.


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