Tree House

I had my camera and my tripod all packed up and I was walking down to a location in my neighborhood when I spotted this old abandoned tree house. For some reason it appealed to me. As I took these pictures I wonder what the kids were like who used to play here, what kinds of games did they play. It may become a new location I frequent for other creative shoots.

Also, I decided for days when I don’t feel like curling my hair but don’t want to put it up either, the solution is just to add a few braids in. What do you think?

jean jacket: oldnavy-thifted/hoodie: target/top: old navy/jeans: elle-thirfted/boots:target


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  1. You just found a tree house?! THAT’S SO BAD ASS. I would decorate and hang out there in the summer, but I’ve always dreamed of having a tree house and I only ever sort of had one. Your hair looks really great like this.

  2. So cute!! Still bitter to this day I didn’t have a tree house growing up haha. Love the braids too!!

  3. I didn’t have a treehouse growing up either, so i’m still envious of amazing playhouse and treehouses! You look like your having fun though and I love this look!

  4. fashionsastranger

    this is such a sweet location 🙂 I love it!! You look great, and i love the braid in your hair
    Amy xxx

  5. I had a dream about an abandoned tree house last night! For real! I wanted to climb up it, but then I decided it was too creepy! Also, the braids are cute!

  6. You guys are so cute 🙂 Good question on the color I use – I think it’s something like rich auburn … or something like that?? I love yours!!! Go Loreal! 🙂


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