Inspired By: Avatar the Last Airbender–Part 2

Back when I wrote my last inspired by post, a noter asked if I could do some sets based on some of the other characters of the show. I am finally getting around to posting just that. So if you ask me for something you will receive it…eventually.


Avatar The Last Airbender--Zuko

Zuko is a scorned member of the fire nation with a dark past and one mission in mind. (I won’t give it away to those of you who haven’t watched the show) I wanted to make an outfit with the colors of fire and also black as they are all represented in Zuko’s normal outfit. I thought this heart on fire ring was particularly fitting for his character as well.


Avatar the Last Airbender--Azula

Azula is one of the more tough characters on the show so I chose an outfit with lots of stud embellished pieces to give off that tough girl vibe. The mustard top is to be worn under the red dress to represent the colors in her ensemble and this lightning necklace is reminiscent of the lightning that she chooses to bend in the series. (Side note: If I ever get a cat I’m naming it Azula–it is the perfect cat name, right?)

  Uncle Iroh

Avatar The Last Airbender--Uncle Iroh

The above outfit may look a little bit girly to be representing a male character, but Uncle Iroh is one of the most laid back characters imaginable and I wanted to make an outfit based on that atheistic. I have personally been a bit afraid of maxi skirts, but the sheer nature of this one may be the perfect balance and not to mention super comfy.

Who is your favorite? What person, or series would you like to see a post over next?


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  1. the red dress and sheer rosy-colored skirt are KILLER!


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