Naughty or Nice

Most of the time, I’m nice. (i.e. trying to take the time to compliment others, rubbing my husbands back for him when he’s sore, calling friends and family just to say hi)

But at times I can be a little naughty. (i.e. refusing to help my husband with things because I’m too lazy, putting myself above others far too often, making mountains out of mole hills and causing others to suffer because of it)

white shirt: ??/floral top: thrifted/pants: new york and co/scarf: made it myself/boots: pac sun

Did you make the nice list this year?


About dressupsandmessups

I am a... [wife, believer,journal-er, resident of Arkansas, dog owner, crochet-er, lover of personal style]

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  1. ummm.. YES! i think i made it on the Nice list this year 🙂 you look so darling and i love that scarf! have a great weekend girl
    x jamie

  2. Oh my gosh such a cute outfit and adorable photos!!

  3. I love these pink pants so much! So great on you!


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