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Inspired By: Avatar the Last Airbender–Part 2

Back when I wrote my last inspired by post, a noter asked if I could do some sets based on some of the other characters of the show. I am finally getting around to posting just that. So if you ask me for something you will receive it…eventually.


Avatar The Last Airbender--Zuko

Zuko is a scorned member of the fire nation with a dark past and one mission in mind. (I won’t give it away to those of you who haven’t watched the show) I wanted to make an outfit with the colors of fire and also black as they are all represented in Zuko’s normal outfit. I thought this heart on fire ring was particularly fitting for his character as well.


Avatar the Last Airbender--Azula

Azula is one of the more tough characters on the show so I chose an outfit with lots of stud embellished pieces to give off that tough girl vibe. The mustard top is to be worn under the red dress to represent the colors in her ensemble and this lightning necklace is reminiscent of the lightning that she chooses to bend in the series. (Side note: If I ever get a cat I’m naming it Azula–it is the perfect cat name, right?)

  Uncle Iroh

Avatar The Last Airbender--Uncle Iroh

The above outfit may look a little bit girly to be representing a male character, but Uncle Iroh is one of the most laid back characters imaginable and I wanted to make an outfit based on that atheistic. I have personally been a bit afraid of maxi skirts, but the sheer nature of this one may be the perfect balance and not to mention super comfy.

Who is your favorite? What person, or series would you like to see a post over next?


Inspired by: Avatar The Last Airbender

My husband got me hooked on this Nick cartoon last year and I watched it through once with him and then immediately again on my own. I score lots of cool points with the little boys at my work for loving this show. Any how here are looks based on the four main characters.


The Last Airbender--Aang

I thought this flowy orange top was a great interpretation of the shirt Aang wears in the series. The yellow pants match the yellow in his ensemble and although you can’t see it in this picture, he always wears tall boots similar to the ones I chose here. I picked this pretty light blue necklace to match the color of Aang’s tattoo.


Avatar the Last Airbender--Katara

Though she is tough and brave, Katara does have a girly side. Since she wears blue and bends water I wanted to make an outfit with all different shades of blue. The necklace here is an interpretation of the one she wears in the series, and the belt plays off the white in the dress she wears, and these boots remind of something a person from the water tribe might wear.


Avatar the Last Airbender--Sokka

Since Sokka is also from the water tribe, I made another blue on blue outfit here. This one is a bit more simple and the boots and coat are warm and functional which I think Sokka himself would appreciate. I included a leather messenger bag in this set because of Sokka’s love for a nice “man purse.”


Avatar the Last Airbender--Toph

It is all about comfort for Toph, but since she came from a rich family Toph is always dressed nice. I though this dress looked like a good cross between pretty and comfortable especially when worn with this chunky tan sweater. If you watch the show you know that Toph doesn’t wear shoes, but I wanted to add combat boots to this set to accent her tough girl attitude. Top it off with her signature headband and you have the tough Toph.

Who is your favorite? What series would you like to see next?

Inspired by Scooby Doo

Last week when I made my inspiration post on Phineas and Ferb, a reader suggested doing Scooby Doo next. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it myself. So here on some outfits based on the main characters from this classic cartoon.


Velma- Scooby Doo


Velma’s look may be typically be classified as a little frumpy, but now a days sweaters with skirts, knee highs, and glasses are all quite popular so I think a literal interpretation of her outfit works here. I love the orange and red together as well. Who knew this brainiac was so fashionable?


Daphne-scooby doo


This look is classically girly and sweet. The purple dress and matching shoes, with pink tights are literal interpretations of Daphne’s ensemble. I chose to replace her ascot style scarf for one a larger warmer one, and her headband with this lilac colored earwarmer.


Fred-Scooby Doo


For Fred’s look I went with a bold turquoise colored pant. Since they are so loud I kept the rest of it pretty simple with a white long sleeve tee, an orange scarf, and slip on brown suede shoes. I like the preppy vibe it gives off.


Shaggy-Scooby Doo


Shaggy’s outfit is very loose and easy to thrown on so I went with these brown cords, black ankle boots, and a baggy boyfriend cardigan. I thought the peace sign necklace matched Shaggy’s hippie attitude.


Scooby Doo


Even though Scooby doesn’t wear clothes, I made an outfit based on the colors of his coat and of course his signature turquoise collar. Out of all the outfits, I think this one might be the one I can see myself wearing the most.

Who is your favorite? What other cartoons would you like to see interpreted?

Inspired by: Phineas and Ferb

I’m not sure if I am the only one in the fashion blogging community, but I love cartoons. My husband and I have the Powerpuff Girls on DVD, I have watched Avatar the Last Airbender through at least twice, and I’m always tuning in to reruns of Dexter’s Lab and Johnny Bravo, Doug, and Rugrats.

Some of the cartoons currently on TV are less than wonderful, but one that I love is Phineas and Ferb. A note to any moms or babysitters  out there, this is a cartoon that kids will love and won’t annoy the heck out of you. Anyway, here are some sets based on the outfits worn by 4 of the main characters.



Phineas is the brains of the operation, but is very fun loving as well. So I kept this outfit very kid like, while still being stylish. The smile necklace is my favorite part as Phineas is always trying to make others happy.


ferb fletcher

For Ferb’s look I went for a bit more of a grown up look with the button down and sweater. But I kept it fun with the purple skinny jeans, and the wrench necklace which is a nod to Ferb’s skill with tools. I also thought these shoes look nice and comfortable at the same time.


candace flynn

Candace may be meddlesome, but she is very girly and quite the romantic so I wanted to express that in this outfit. I love the mixture of the hot pink and coral and thought these earrings went perfectly with the whole thing. I’m usually not one to dress this matchy matchy, but somehow this outfit works.


linda flynn-fletcher

Since Linda is the boys and Candace’s mom I wanted to keep a very professional look here. The color combo of her outfit is my favorite. I love the mustard, army green, and turquoise all together. I also love the idea of the striped sweater over the button down shirt instead of the vest.

Which is your favorite? Do you have a cartoon you’d like to see outfits for?

Inspired by: Big Bang Theory Part 2

Last week you saw my interpretations of the outfits worn by the male leads in the series The Big Bang Theory. This week I thought I’d make it all complete by making outfits inspired by the leading girls.


Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy’s outfits almost always consist of a button down, skirt and cardigan. I love the way she mixes prints without having a color in common between the two prints. Somehow it works. I also like all the layers on top and the streamlined silhouette on bottom. Amy tends to keep things simple so I didn’t include any accessories in this set.



Since Penny’s style varies from episode to episode, I chose the one thing that has stayed the same from the beginning of the series–her work uniform. Instead of a vest I chose a mustard colored cardigan. Since Penny isn’t wearing any accessories here I decided to include some pretty red polish as she does have painted nails.


Bernadette Rostenkowski

Bernadette’s look is my favorite by far. She tends to wears flowy dresses with matching cardigans (which is basically my go-to outfit). I also chose some black wedges and a sweet necklace to match her sweet personality.

Which look is your favorite?

Inspired by: The Big Bang Theory

I have always been inspired by how characters on television shows always seem to have a “uniform” or basic pieces they tend to wear in each episode. One of my favorite series, The Big Bang Theory, is a great example of that. Here, I am making sets based on each of the four main characters. They are all men so I took some liberties to make them appropriate for women.


raj koothrappali

Raj is almost always seen in a button down with a sweater over it and a jacket thrown on top. The sweater I chose here already has a cute crocheted collar so the need for a button down is eliminated. I also chose a blazer instead of a track jacket for a bit more style. These earrings remind me of Indian style which is where Raj is from. Throw on your favorite cargos and colored flats and you can channel sweet Raj.


Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard is all about layers as well. Here you see I have chosen brown pants, a military style jacket and a basic zip up hoodie which is to be left open. I chose a more feminine style blouse since the rest of the outfit was more boyish. He can usually be seen wearing basic black chucks, but I thought these purple ones were fun and added an unexpected color to the ensemble. Then this fun necklace is a play off of the glasses you always see Leonard wearing in the show.


Howard Wolowitz

I started this look off with a colored button down and matching jeans just as Howard does in this picture. Instead of the white turtle neck, I thought a white scarf would look a bit more stylish. White flats match the scarf and are a neutral since you are doing color all over otherwise. Add a cute watch and that’s Howard.


Big Bang Theory--Sheldon

Sheldon’s look is one of my favorites. He almost always wears a graphic t-shirt. Instead of a t-shirt I chose this sheer blouse with a bird print to be worn over this striped long sleeve shirt. I love the color contrast of the brown pants and black shoes and the lightning ring is a nod at the Flash superhero tee Sheldon often wears.

Which look is your favorite? If you had a “uniform” what would it be?

Inspired by: Giselle from Enchanted

So I already admitted that I act like a 5-year-old a lot of days. Part of that is watching Disney movies all the time. One of my more recent favorites is the movie Enchanted. In case you haven’t seen it, the movie is about a cartoon girl who is banished to the real world by the jealous step mother of her soon to be husband.

Every time I watch this movie I admire her girly ensembles. Since the outfits she wears aren’t exactly everyday wearable, I decided to make some sets based on 3 different looks from the movie.

1. In the Woods

Cartoon Giselle

2. Wedding Day

Giselle's Wedding Look

3. The Curtain Dress

Giselle's Curtain Dress

This is my first attempt at making sets. Let me know what you think.

What movie has inspired you this week?