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I took the plunge and bought white jeans. I got them and the top I’m wearing here at Goodwill for $8 so I figure that if I ruin them, I didn’t lose too much money over it. I will however be carrying a Tide-To-Go pen with me while wearing them just in case.

I know I take lots of pictures back in these woods behind my house. But can you blame me? I just wish I would have moved that mesh stuff in the background. (I promise it isn’t being used to catch animals. It was left there by the owner of this house.) I wish I would have taken the ponytail holder off my wrist as well. Alas this is what I get for taking pictures in a rush.

top & jeans: thrifted/shoes: payless/scarf: gift


Thrifted Finds: What I’ve Been Searching For

Often times when I go thrifting I tend to just browse every section until I find things that I like. This time, I went with more of a purpose and ended up finding things that I have been wanting for a while. Here they are.

I have been seeing cocktail rings everywhere and have been searching for just the right one. Even though this one is a bit too big I knew I had to have it because it is the color of my birthstone, sapphire. Any tips on getting rings that are too big to fit?

This is the first jean jacket I have owned in my adult life. I used to associate them with frumpiness, but after seeing the way so many bloggers out there are wearing them I decided I wanted one. And I finally found one the color, style, and size that I needed. Score!

I had been wanting a snakeskin bag for a while, but all the ones I was finding were either too small or were too loud to be toted around everyday.  This one fit the bill perfectly. (It looks purple here, but it is really more of a gray)

I have wanted a white dress for a looooong time, but was so hesitant about buying one since I’m a terribly messy person. But I decided to go for it and if it gets stained then it does. I thought the detailing on this one was so pretty and you can definitely expect to see it in an outfit post soon as I have already thought of several ways I want to wear it.

This was the only item I bought yesterday that was more of an impulse buy. I thought I’d share it anyways since it is cute and sparkly and I’m pretty sure is going to be part of my sparkly unicorn costume for Halloween 🙂

My total: $30. Nice, right? 🙂

What have you thrifted lately? What are some things you are searching for?

Thifted Finds: Sweaters, Skirts, and Slippers

I have resolved that with the exception of investment pieces (which I plan on doing a post on soon) that I will pretty much only shop at thrift stores. The Goodwill locally always has such great things and I rarely leave empty handed. Here is what I got there today for a total of $32:

Three bright cardigans. I just moved this summer and it is going to be significantly colder here this winter than it was where I used to live so I knew I would need more sweaters. The orange one is 100% wool and the red one is 60% percent wool so they are ultra warm.

Two pullover sweaters. The pink one is this cute preppy print and I love it. The white one might look boring, but I know chunky sweaters are a big trend right now and I could see it looking cute over a dress or skirt.

Two (wrinkled) skirts. I have been building up my skirt and dress wardrobe lately and I already have 3 black skirts so I thought these colorful ones were fun.  It is hard to see, but the blue one has a small floral print on it and I am a sucker for floral.

Note, I am calling these slippers. I would never wear these out in public, but I thought they would be perfect to pull over some leggings to wear around the house or out on the porch this fall and winter. Unfortunately, these were the only “shoes” I could find that fit because of my teeny feet. They had some Steve Madden and Nine West shoes (for $4!) and watching women whose feet could fit in them just pass them by made me so sad.

Here is River’s blog debut. Adorable, right? We bought her some tennis balls when we first got her but they all got so gross so I threw them away. Nathan (husband) bought more for her today and it was like she discovered a long lost friend. She has not stopped playing with it. So cute 🙂

Antique Goodies

Today, I went and sold some of my old clothes to a consignment shop and made a little money. Then I stopped by the flea market on the way home and promptly spent it all. Here’s the goodies I found.

First of all, I found this locket. I had been looking for one for a while and I almost passed this up due to the strange picture. It is hard to tell from the picture, but it is a painting of a man playing guitar and a little girl watching. I figure that I can paint over it or who knows maybe it’ll grow on me? What do you guys think?

I have a thing for birds. Not that I would ever own one, but I just think they are beautiful and are fun to decorate with. This little guy doubles as a candle holder so how could I pass him up? I think he will go on my mantel.

I found this thick, cream colored yarn for only 50 cents. I am hoping to crochet an infinity scarf out of it. I need one as cold as it is already getting here.

This amethyst pendent is so gorgeous and I can’t wait to wear it. The chain it came with broke as soon as unclasped it. Oops. I would like to find another longer one anyhow.

That’s about it. Goodbye for now!