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Sweet Sixteen

In case you were wondering, I am still alive and kickin’. I apologize for the long absence. I have been out of town visiting family and also managed to catch a cold and, well, I have just let myself be a little bit lazy. That’s what vacation is for right?

Anyway, while visiting family I had a chance to take a few pictures of my gorgeous (almost) 16 year old sister-in-law and I thought I would share my favorites with you guys

She borrowed an item of clothing in mine in this shoot. Can you guess what it is? You’ll find out in a post coming up soon.



Before anyone freaks out, the purple isn’t permanent (however, since these pictures were taken I HAVE done something permanent to my hair which you’ll see soon). It was done using the hair chalking method. While it looks great, I wouldn’t recommend doing a whole streak of it like I did. It would really be better on only the tips since closer to the roots the chalk will rub off if touched.

Fun fact about the black sweater I’m wearing here, it is 100 % cashmere and I found it at a flea market for $1. Nice, right? Also the high tops I’m wearing in this outfit were bought last year with some money I got for Christmas and I hardly wore them because I couldn’t come up with ways to wear them. After I wore them all day with this dress and tights, you can probably expect to see them all the time. They are incredibly comfortable.

top: thrifted/jacket: target/dress: old navy/necklaces: forever 21/ shoes: toms

Have you tried out hair chalking or been brave enough to actually dye your hair a bright color?

Bang Bang

In classic Rachel fashion, I am bored with my hair. I don’t want to cut it shorter as I’m trying to grow it out, and I’d like to go blonde, but I’m told it might be difficult to do with my current red. What I’d really like to do is something like this:

But my husband vetoed the one blonde streak, and we do have family pictures coming up so it probably isn’t the best idea for now anyways.

So my next option is getting bangs. Here are a few styles that I really like:

Which do you like best? What do you do when you feel hair boredom?


Typically, I use the weekends to take pictures of the outfits I’m wearing both because I have more time to do so, and because it is the only time I get to wear fun clothes. Well, this weekend it was either rainy or so cloudy and cold that I just did not want to go outside to take them. Soon enough I will have to get over my phobia of the cold, but this weekend was not that time.

Instead, here are a few snap shots from the weekend.

We spent most of Saturday picking out this new tv stand. We went to 4 or 5 different stores and ended up buying the one we loved from the first store. And that is Sweet Home Alabama on the TV. Gotta love that movie.

Call me weird, but every year I like to have some sort of color theme for my tree at Christmas. Last year was blue and silver. This year, as you can see, it is silver and gold. Still haven’t found a topper I like enough so it is blank for now.

Sunday after church, we went to the new American art museum in Bentonville. It was a very fun experience and there were so many amazing pieces. This one is by Norman Rockwell of Rosie the Riveter. It was amazing to see a piece of his after looking at his work in a book  of mom’s from the time I was very little.

My idea of an absolute perfect weekend involves these two things: crocheting, and reading. Now if only I could do them at the same time…

What says Christmas time better than cookies and milk? These ones were similar to snickerdoodles but without the cream of tartar. And they were perfectly gooey in the middle. I’m pretty sure my husband and I ate a whole dozen in a day. Good thing I made more than one batch!

How was your weekend? Cold like mine?


My Little Family

I wanted some practice at taking family portraits since I will be taking some of my big family at Christmas time this year, and so I made Nathan and River take a few with me. We couldn’t sit down with River because she wouldn’t sit still and Nathan was done after about 8 shots, but all things considered I think these turned out well.

I hope you all had lovely Thanksgivings and are enjoying the official Christmas season!


I like the consider myself an artsy person. I enjoy painting, drawing, and crafting. And lately I have been enjoying photography as an art form as well. But until recently I didn’t consider fashion as an art form. Now, I realize it is. It is fun to play with different color pallets and to add pieces together you normally wouldn’t. I find myself trying to follow too many rules when it comes to fashion. But it is better sometimes to throw that aside and treat putting together an outfit like putting together a masterpiece.

Do you consider fashion an art form?

dress: thrifted/tights: ???/scarf: gift/shoes: target

Happiness Is

I mean to do this sooner but I have been a little crazed and it was a bit of a rough week for me battling laryngitis which is no fun at all. But here are just a few things that made me happy this week:

Ballet flats in little girl sizes for my tiny feet but look good enough to be worn by someone who isn’t 10. I also love the cute prints inside.

A brand new (super cute) notebook. I have been journaling since I was 7. I always try to keep separate notebooks for personal thoughts, poetry, lessons planning, outfit inspirations or Bible study, but it never works. This is my new everything notebook.

I’m so happy that wearing glitter nails is completely appropriate for a 25 year old nowadays. Glitter nail polishes last longer and smudge less and they are pretty so they work well for me.

My absolute without a doubt favorite chap stick in the whole wide world. I have tried other chap sticks and lip balms, but I always go back to this one.

Of course this little cutie! She has been a trooper lately and letting me practice photography on her. Poor thing.

And most of all my husband who takes me on coffee dates, does silly peace sign poses, and deals with the fact that I am always sick.

What made you happy this week?