Rainy Day

sweater: target/turtle neck: ??/jeans: elle–thrifted/boots: target/hat: forever21

It was sprinkling on me while taking these pictures, but I was in love with this outfit so I had to take a few pictures of it. This sweater was one of my few Black Friday deals and looking back I wish I would have bought it in every color. It is so comfortable and I think it would look great with some sweater tights also. And I just made my lace up boots more versatile by getting colored laces to switch out. I love it.


Inspired By: Avatar the Last Airbender–Part 2

Back when I wrote my last inspired by post, a noter asked if I could do some sets based on some of the other characters of the show. I am finally getting around to posting just that. So if you ask me for something you will receive it…eventually.


Avatar The Last Airbender--Zuko

Zuko is a scorned member of the fire nation with a dark past and one mission in mind. (I won’t give it away to those of you who haven’t watched the show) I wanted to make an outfit with the colors of fire and also black as they are all represented in Zuko’s normal outfit. I thought this heart on fire ring was particularly fitting for his character as well.


Avatar the Last Airbender--Azula

Azula is one of the more tough characters on the show so I chose an outfit with lots of stud embellished pieces to give off that tough girl vibe. The mustard top is to be worn under the red dress to represent the colors in her ensemble and this lightning necklace is reminiscent of the lightning that she chooses to bend in the series. (Side note: If I ever get a cat I’m naming it Azula–it is the perfect cat name, right?)

  Uncle Iroh

Avatar The Last Airbender--Uncle Iroh

The above outfit may look a little bit girly to be representing a male character, but Uncle Iroh is one of the most laid back characters imaginable and I wanted to make an outfit based on that atheistic. I have personally been a bit afraid of maxi skirts, but the sheer nature of this one may be the perfect balance and not to mention super comfy.

Who is your favorite? What person, or series would you like to see a post over next?


dress: target/top: american eagle/tights: walmart/belt: thrifted/hat: forever21/boots: pacsun

I was thinking the other day about how my style has been changing. When I first started this blog I was in a bit more of a ultra girly, sort of preppy stage (see here, and here) But now if I were to define my style I would say it is “thrown together chic”. I have been enjoying putting pieces together that don’t necessarily match or traditionally go together. But I also don’t want to look like my closet just threw up on me, so it it a bit of a balance. The outfit above is a good example of my current fashion fetish.

What is your current style looking like?

My Little Family

I wanted some practice at taking family portraits since I will be taking some of my big family at Christmas time this year, and so I made Nathan and River take a few with me. We couldn’t sit down with River because she wouldn’t sit still and Nathan was done after about 8 shots, but all things considered I think these turned out well.

I hope you all had lovely Thanksgivings and are enjoying the official Christmas season!

Tree House

I had my camera and my tripod all packed up and I was walking down to a location in my neighborhood when I spotted this old abandoned tree house. For some reason it appealed to me. As I took these pictures I wonder what the kids were like who used to play here, what kinds of games did they play. It may become a new location I frequent for other creative shoots.

Also, I decided for days when I don’t feel like curling my hair but don’t want to put it up either, the solution is just to add a few braids in. What do you think?

jean jacket: oldnavy-thifted/hoodie: target/top: old navy/jeans: elle-thirfted/boots:target


I like the consider myself an artsy person. I enjoy painting, drawing, and crafting. And lately I have been enjoying photography as an art form as well. But until recently I didn’t consider fashion as an art form. Now, I realize it is. It is fun to play with different color pallets and to add pieces together you normally wouldn’t. I find myself trying to follow too many rules when it comes to fashion. But it is better sometimes to throw that aside and treat putting together an outfit like putting together a masterpiece.

Do you consider fashion an art form?

dress: thrifted/tights: ???/scarf: gift/shoes: target

Happiness Is

I mean to do this sooner but I have been a little crazed and it was a bit of a rough week for me battling laryngitis which is no fun at all. But here are just a few things that made me happy this week:

Ballet flats in little girl sizes for my tiny feet but look good enough to be worn by someone who isn’t 10. I also love the cute prints inside.

A brand new (super cute) notebook. I have been journaling since I was 7. I always try to keep separate notebooks for personal thoughts, poetry, lessons planning, outfit inspirations or Bible study, but it never works. This is my new everything notebook.

I’m so happy that wearing glitter nails is completely appropriate for a 25 year old nowadays. Glitter nail polishes last longer and smudge less and they are pretty so they work well for me.

My absolute without a doubt favorite chap stick in the whole wide world. I have tried other chap sticks and lip balms, but I always go back to this one.

Of course this little cutie! She has been a trooper lately and letting me practice photography on her. Poor thing.

And most of all my husband who takes me on coffee dates, does silly peace sign poses, and deals with the fact that I am always sick.

What made you happy this week?