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Crocheted Creations

Crocheting is something very near and dear to my heart. My great grandmother was a crochet artist and I grew up with her hand towels, afghans, and booties. I was always inspired by them, but she passes away before I ever asked for her to teach me.

I started crocheting this January during all of the ice and snow storms and here are some of the things I have made since then.

Besides a few dishtowels, this stripped blanket was the first thing I ever really made. If you are ever going to attempt to learn to crochet, please don’t start out on an afghan. This one looks pretty draped over a chair, but it isn’t functional as a blanket because all the sides are uneven. Oops.

My second attempt went much better. It is pretty and functional.

This is my first baby blanket. I’m not expecting a baby, but I just got the urge to make one which worried my husband a little (haha). I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep it until I we do have a baby or if I’m going to give it away.

A hat and a headband. It is hard to tell from the picture, but those are little flowers on the headband.

A scarf and some booties. The ones here are for my tiny feet. I made some booties for my husband as well but they were made out of a softer yarn and they started falling apart so I’m supposed to make him some new ones this winter.

And this is my current project. I want it to double as a bed cover so it is going to be huge. I told my husband this had better be a family heirloom when I am done because it is taking so long to make.

I have also made little baby booties and a baby hat that I gave away to a lady I knew and lots of hand towels that I gave away as thank you gifts to people who helped with my wedding.

So what is your favorite craft or hobby? What other projects should I work on next?