Before anyone freaks out, the purple isn’t permanent (however, since these pictures were taken I HAVE done something permanent to my hair which you’ll see soon). It was done using the hair chalking method. While it looks great, I wouldn’t recommend doing a whole streak of it like I did. It would really be better on only the tips since closer to the roots the chalk will rub off if touched.

Fun fact about the black sweater I’m wearing here, it is 100 % cashmere and I found it at a flea market for $1. Nice, right? Also the high tops I’m wearing in this outfit were bought last year with some money I got for Christmas and I hardly wore them because I couldn’t come up with ways to wear them. After I wore them all day with this dress and tights, you can probably expect to see them all the time. They are incredibly comfortable.

top: thrifted/jacket: target/dress: old navy/necklaces: forever 21/ shoes: toms

Have you tried out hair chalking or been brave enough to actually dye your hair a bright color?


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  1. I like the strip of purple – it’s unique! You look cute in that skirt 🙂

  2. i love the purple hair piece!!! it rocks!! and i also love your $1 cashmere sweater!! sweet find!! hope that your weekend was well ❤

    love, jamie

  3. Wow,t hat sweater is an amazing find! And I love the print on that dress!

  4. aww this is such a sweet look! love the purple swipe! 🙂


  5. I love the purple streak! it’s so surprising and pretty. I have never heard of hair chalking before. I must look this up. Your shorts are beautiful by the way and I can’t wait to see what you’re referencing about your hair!

    As for the package, I had my boyfriend send it on his day off…or so I thought. He didn’t! OF COURSE. So, anyways, I’m sending it out today and I’m sorry!

  6. Can`t believe that sweater was so cheap! And real cashmere too! I will have to try out the chalk method myself – looks fantastic!



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